“GOMA won't be just another farm; it will be a beacon of luxury and creativity, a sanctuary" - TRESOR

TRESOR acquires 500 acre state of the art luxury farm

Multi-award-winning musician and businessman, TRESOR, announces his most ambitious project to date, GOMA, a 500 acre state of the art luxury farm and creative haven unlike anything seen on the continent.

“I am so blessed to announce the acquisition of a sprawling 500-acre farm nestled in the Cradle of Humankind, a place close to my heart. In homage to my beloved hometown, I’ve christened it GOMA. But this is just the beginning of a grand vision,”

shares TRESOR.

With plans to build restaurants, an outdoor amphitheatre, a recording studio, an art and exhibition gallery, a designer boutique hotel and few venues for special occasions.

GOMA is a place to come and wind down and enjoy slow living. It will also serve as the headquarters of TRESOR’s Jacquel Group.

“GOMA won’t be just another farm; it will be a beacon of luxury and creativity, a sanctuary where dreams in lifestyle, music, fashion, film, visual arts, and emerging technologies converge and flourish. It’s a space crafted by us, for us, where innovation knows no bounds,”

shares TRESOR.

He adds:

“To bring this vision to fruition, I’ve enlisted the expertise of renowned architect Luis Mira. His portfolio speaks volumes, and I’m confident our collaboration will be nothing short of extraordinary. Together, we’ll breathe life into my architectural dreams for GOMA, creating an iconic masterpiece that stands the test of time.”

Following the announcement of his R100 million Jacquel Ventures investment firm last November, GOMA marks the debut investment under Jacquel Ventures and is set to be a 3-year long project where R30 million will be invested to bring it to life.

With upcoming investments in tech and consumer brands, make sure to connect with TRESOR online for more news on his African business investments.

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