Septi opens up about his work and his company

WATCH Septi Bukula from Rendzo Network chats SME’s in South Africa

Septi M. Bukula is the founder and director of Rendzo Network a collaborative network of South African tourism SMEs which focuses on enhancing the domestic and international competitiveness of tourism SMEs.

Septi M. Bukula has been involved in SME policy research and analysis since 1993 and works extensively with various clients in the public, private and development sector.

He has served in the leadership of several SME organisations and think tanks in South Africa and internationally.

Rendzo Management is a division of Rendzo Network, that specialises in organising international business events as a platform to facilitate both learning and experience exchange in the fields of economic development, tourism, industry clusters, and SME promotion.

Rendzo Management uses its international business events to create business opportunities for its network associates (SMEs) to supply a variety of event-related goods and services.

We had a chat with Septi Bukula at the Meetings Africa 2024 launch in Sandton, South Africa

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