Lerato Maphatsoe is a Johannesburg-born multi-talented businesswoman

Lerato Maphatsoe is spearheading Logistics & Transportation

Lerato Maphatsoe (49) hails from Soweto, Meadowlands Zone 2, and grew up in Mofolo Central. She currently lives in Meyerdal, Johannesburg.

She has ventured into the business world, founding two enterprises. She has spearheaded a Logistics & Transportation business, Lethaneo Coaches, which has been operational for 2 years. demonstrating her strategic acumen in managing operations.

Simultaneously, Lerato established a transportation business venture set against the backdrop of the Cape Town Winelands.

This dual entrepreneurial pursuit reflects Lerato’s life and legacy of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit as she navigates the thrilling and challenging landscape of business.

A heart for justice and leadership has groomed Lerato Maphatsoe into the business force she is today. Having served in the Johannesburg Metro Police Department between 2005-2014, She seamlessly led to running an efficient household in supporting her prolific husband’s career.

She faced seemingly insurmountable challenges post her husband’s passing in 2021. She tapped back into her leadership and business mind to reimagine a new way forward.

Lerato established a cross-border passenger and luggage transport business and stayed focused and resilient in a male-dominated business sector having to find creative ways to be and stay in business.


  • Growing up, Lerato took on the mammoth and vital role of managing the Mashapa household, after the unfortunate loss of her two brothers. 
  • In 1992, Lerato met her husband, and together they navigated life’s journey, welcoming their first daughter in 1993 and officially tying the knot in 1994. Despite facing challenges, including her mother’s struggles with depression and alcoholism, Lerato remained steadfast in managing her family’s well-being.
  • Her career trajectory took a turn in 2004 when she joined the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, dedicating a decade to the organisation before resigning in 2014 to support her husband’s career. Lerato’s resilience and determination shone through as she actively contributed to building their home in Meyersdal, brick by brick.
  • The unexpected passing of her husband in 2021 prompted Lerato to reclaim her independence and embark on a new and exciting chapter after facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.
  • Lerato Maphatsoe has not only redefined herself but also embraced entrepreneurship with remarkable vigour.

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