Dynamic entrepreneur and Fractional CMO: Prenessa Nalliah

Prenessa Nalliah is a Dynamic entrepreneur and Fractional CMO

Prenessa Nalliah is a Fractional CMO, marketing education maverick and dynamic entrepreneur.

Originally from Merebank, Durban her company Perana Viosa, assists startup founders and CEOs make smarter marketing decisions.

Nalliah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication, and apart from Perana Viosa she also founded Creative Angels Fashion Benefit which focuses on aspiring models and fashion entrepreneurs and co-founded eventing company Perana Set Design.


●      She leveraged her marketing experience to formally launch the marketing division of Perana Viosa during a worldwide pandemic with great success.

●      Nalliah is challenging what she refers to as “the business of marketing education” – the side of the industry that charges high fees for tertiary qualifications that she believes do not bring value to employers.

●      She’s a third-generation South African Indian, heading up a 100% black female youth-owned business which offers 135% B-BBEE procurement recognition.

●      She multiplied her company revenue 15x within one year without spending on anything more than a website and she’s currently teaching other entrepreneurs how to do the same.

About Perana Viosa:

Perana Viosa is a black female youth-owned business, headquartered in Durban, South Africa, and operates as a fully remote team. The company offers Fractional CMO and Managed Marketing Services as well as a range of Marketing Education and Training options to educational institutions and startup accelerator programme managers.

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