"There is a difference between a great business and a great brand" - Lebo Lion

Lebo Lion on YOBAs and 2023 digital marketing insights

The highly anticipated Top 16 Youth Owned-Brands Awards are back and we caught up with Lebo Lion who was a judge last year.

The Top 16 Youth Owned-Brands Awards launched on the 2nd of February 2023 at Solo Restaurant in Sandton.

The youth unemployment rate in South Africa continues to be a constant issue. These brands try to bridge the gap through the opportunities they have created for themselves. The future of South Africa is in the good hands of the youth that works tirelessly on their crafts, while creating jobs.

Lebo Lion is a well versed orator with experience in front of the camera, behind the microphone, and addressing an audience.

This skill together with her sound grasp in influencer & social media marketing, business modelling & strategy, small business to medium business issues, ecommerce, entrepreneurship, and their impact on local and global markets, makes her the ideal candidate to speak to marketing professionals, various stakeholders in business incubation programmes, stakeholders in higher learning institutions, and thought leaders from Across the African continent.

On this interview she opens up about the awards, her career as well as some 2023 digital marketing insights.

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