"We gonna develop ourselves first, we gonna put the work out there" - A-Reece

Rapper A-Reece launches his own record label

Revenge Club Records was founded by A-Reece, Jay Jody & Tkay 10Staxx. This Label is more than just a family affair, collectivizing brothers Jay Jody and A-Reece and extended family.

Revenge Club Records is a free-spirited ideology and approach to Hip-Hop with one ear to the streets and an eye to the global hip-hop community that many have tried to quantify and understand but few truly can.

This mysterious entity is rooted in art and anarchy, with truth-telling stories and indeed some moments of sweet revenge delivered on a consistent flow of honest beats and effortless flow which will solidify its place in Hip-Hop history with its already impressive cult-like following, It’s media, and social media fixation, and industry awards and accolades.


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