"An African Bite is a celebration of our heritage, my heritage. I’m so proud and thrilled to share stories from African kitchens" - Chef Mbombi

Chef Mbombi Releases Debut Book An African Bite

The King of African Cuisine best known as Chef Mbombi, has proudly released his first book titled An African Bite – which delicously combines recipes and showcases African heritage in food.

An African Bite explores traditional delicacies from all around the African continent, cleverly narrated by the renowned Chef, Daniel Mbonani Mbombi.

Born from the Tsonga and Zulu tribes in South Africa, Chef Mbombi has passionately connected his cultural and culinary traditions in this food journal.

Collecting stories from his upbringing to his adult life, the Chef honours the legacy of his grandmother and community by sharing stories from all walks of life under different sections in this book.

Detailing some of his favourite home dishes under Gogo’s Recipes, Chef Mbombi takes a food journey under subjects Street Food, Meat, Vegetables, Fish, Salads, Chicken, and Drinks with a range of recipes.

Over the years and through his extensive experience, Chef Mbombi has seized opportunities allowing him to be part of exciting collaborations – which include working alongside household brands such as Knorr, Koo, Jungle Oats, Fattis & Monis, and home staple, Tastic.

His hard work has also earned him an appearance on popular TV Show, #TheBigBozzaCookOff.

These collaborations and his passion for cooking inspired him to write An African Bite, which celebrates his food heritage.

Speaking on the release of his first book, Chef Mbombi had this to say,

“An African Bite is a celebration of our heritage, my heritage. I’m so proud and thrilled to share stories from African kitchens with you all. The book is the first of many love letters I plan to write, that explore more of the traditional food we all grew up on and that narrates the vast taste found in kitchens across the continent.”

An African Bite captures the simplicity and authenticity of African cooking with both contemporary and culturally rich recipes.

The book also appeals to urban dwellers, who would love to remake the dishes they grew up enjoying at home.

Proudly published by Penguin Books and in partnership with Tastic, An African Bite is available for purchase at all leading book outlets; and is available as a digital copy for cooking enjoyment.

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