“The key to my emancipation was to permit myself to not wait for external validation" - Doctor Samke J. Ngcobo

Doctor Samke J. Ngcobo Launches Vocal Mentality to Change Narrative

In 2021, she enlightened South Africa with her passion to change the negative narrative and stigma surrounding mental health. In 2022 noted medical doctor, author, philanthropist, professional speaker, Dr. Samke J. Ngcobo launches Vocal Mentality, a platform to host all of the incredible initiatives she leads as she continues her mission to make a difference for mental health. 

Vocal Mentality (www.vocalmentality.com) is a single location where you can explore the many avenues and projects in which Dr. Ngcobo embarks, to spread the message relating to mental health and demystify misconceptions about mental illnesses. This platform represents various facets and expressions of her love for mental health. 

As a professional and medical doctor living with diagnosed Bipolar Disorder she was inspired by her desire to create awareness and understanding about the life of someone living with a mental illness. A lack of insight led her to originally rejecting her diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder – The fear of how she’d be perceived if people knew about her illness and saw her in a state of vulnerability crippled her. She now understands that being open about her journey is empowering and expressing her thoughts and feelings would liberate her, hence the birth of Vocal Mentality.

“The key to my emancipation was to permit myself to not wait for external validation and approval but to give voice to my mind. Vocal Mentality is a mindset – one that is expressive, confident and unapologetic. It speaks to freedom and personal validation… I encourage you to engage with me bravely and authentically by “Giving voice to your mind”

– In the words of Dr Samke J Ngcobo 

2021 was a successful year for this powerhouse advocate for mental health, ultimately leading to the launch of Vocal Mentality. With the release of her ground-breaking book called ‘Reflections Of a Convoluted Mind- A journey with my mental illness’ she speaks from a relatable perspective of honesty and experience, she candidly shares valuable insights into the various aspects of the condition, including the current challenging climate of the pandemic. The book was positively reviewed and featured on SABC Morning Live and eTV’s Morning Show. 

Additionally, Dr. Ngcobo is an experienced keynote speaker who engages with the corporate community and community at large about mental health psycho-education through Vocal Mentality (Pty) Ltd. 

With multiple accolades, press coverage, endorsements, magazine covers, and more, her resume includes being invited as a guest speaker at Advocate Nakedi Ribane’s 7th Annual High Tea for Child Welfare Tshwane in Menlyn. She is also the host of the mental health show on Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s radio station called Mindful Discussions on Woman Radio with the aim to empower, inspire and educate society about mental health issues. She features every Wednesday from 6 pm-7 pm.  Dr. Ngcobo is the founder of Sisters For Mental Health (www.sistersformentalhealth.co.za) which is an initiative that is focused on creating a safe environment to engage about mental health struggles and to collaborate with other organisations which advocate for mental health. The organisation seeks to serve as an outreach resource for communities that require understanding mental health.

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