From Streets to Success: The Journey of Neliswa Mntungwa and Kota 2 Nice

The Journey of Neliswa Mntungwa and Kota 2 Nice

In the heart of Pietermaritzburg, nestled among the vibrant streets, is a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and culinary creativity: Kota 2 Nice.

Founded by Neliswa Mntungwa, a self-taught chef and former corporate worker turned street-food maven, Kota 2 Nice has become a local sensation since its humble beginnings in 2019.

Neliswa’s journey into the world of fast food entrepreneurship wasn’t by design but by necessity. After being unexpectedly retrenched from her corporate job, Neliswa found herself at a crossroads.

Determined to turn adversity into opportunity, she decided to pursue her passion for cooking. Armed with just a gazebo and a small stove, she set up her first makeshift kitchen on the bustling streets of Pietermaritzburg.

The concept of the kota, a South African street food staple originating from the townships, became her canvas. A kota is a unique sandwich made from a quarter loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with various ingredients like chips, cheese, polony, and atchar, among others.

Neliswa’s twist on this classic comfort food quickly gained popularity among locals who craved a satisfying and affordable meal.

Her dedication paid off. As word spread about the delicious offerings of Kota 2 Nice, Neliswa expanded her operation. With profits reinvested into the business, she acquired a mobile kitchen to cater to events and markets, further increasing her reach. Soon after, she opened a small store, providing a permanent location for customers to enjoy her kotas.

The success of Kota 2 Nice goes beyond just good food. Neliswa has made it a point to empower young people from her community by offering them employment opportunities. Her small team, once comprised only of herself, has grown to include several enthusiastic individuals eager to learn the ropes of both cooking and business management.

Today, Kota 2 Nice stands not only as a testament to Neliswa’s resilience and entrepreneurial spirit but also as a beacon of hope for aspiring chefs and business owners in Pietermaritzburg. The menu has expanded to include variations on the traditional kota, catering to diverse tastes while staying true to the essence of South African street food culture.

Looking forward, Neliswa plans to continue expanding Kota 2 Nice, exploring new avenues for growth while remaining rooted in her community and the principles of quality and affordability that have defined her journey thus far.

In a landscape where entrepreneurship is often a daunting prospect, Neliswa Mntungwa and Kota 2 Nice serve as a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a sprinkle of innovation, dreams can indeed become reality.

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