Native Nosi is a beekeeping company that specialises in the production of raw local honey

Native Nosi: Sustaining a Legacy of Honey Production

In the rolling hills of South Africa, amidst the vibrant landscapes where agriculture thrives, a family legacy buzzes with vitality.

Native Nosi, a beekeeping company rooted in tradition and sustainability, stands as a testament to the enduring bond between humans and honeybees.

Founded by Mokgadi Mabela, a third-generation beekeeper, Native Nosi embodies a commitment to raw, local honey production. Mabela’s journey into beekeeping began with humble roots, inspired by her grandfather, a visionary farmer who cultivated crops and tended to livestock, alongside a few cherished beehives on the family farm.

Reflecting on her journey, Mabela recalls,

“My father is a beekeeper, and I used to sell some of his honey to people who craved raw honey. And when I sought to expand, he encouraged me to venture into beekeeping myself. One beehive led to two, which led to 360.”

Today, Native Nosi’s honey is a testament to this generational expertise, harvested from meticulously tended hives and imbued with the essence of South Africa’s rich biodiversity. Yet, the company’s ethos extends beyond its own apiaries, reaching out to rural farmers who produce high-quality honey but lack access to urban markets.

Native Nosi serves as a bridge between these rural beekeepers and honey aficionados across the nation, integrating their produce into its value chain. This not only ensures a sustainable livelihood for these farmers but also allows honey enthusiasts to savor the diverse flavors of South Africa’s landscapes.

The name “Native Nosi” itself carries profound significance, blending English and Basotho languages to encapsulate the essence of the company’s mission. “Native,” universally understood as a term denoting naturalness and indigeneity, harmonizes with “Nosi,” a Basotho word meaning “Honey Bee.”

Mabela elucidates,

“Seeing that Native Nosi seeks to produce and sell honey and byproducts that are organic and indigenous, the name perfectly encapsulates the legacy my father built and the vision I aspire to uphold.”

As Native Nosi continues to thrive, it serves not only as a beacon of sustainability in the honey industry but also as a custodian of tradition, nurturing the delicate dance between humans and honeybees that sustains ecosystems and communities alike.

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