“We can’t stress enough how every R2 counts”, says Andra Nel, KFC Marketing Manager

KFC Customers Raise R 8 116 398 For Gift Of The Givers

KFC is thrilled to announce that this December, South African customers have raised an impressive R 8 116 398 which will be matched by KFC, thus, a total of R 16 232 796 has been raised for Gift of the Givers.

This remarkable achievement underscores the power of collective effort.

The partnership with Gift of the Givers transcends the act of feeding; it’s about amplifying the reach of hunger programmes and demonstrating to South Africans the profound impact of their contributions. It’s about giving the gift of Hope.

“We can’t stress enough how every R2 counts”,

says Andra Nel, KFC Marketing Manager: Brand and Purpose.

This is a chance to keep the momentum going and make a significant difference in the lives of many.

Remember, this is the last week to contribute to this cause.

Let’s make these days count! Your donation, big or small, can bring hope and joy to countless children this festive season. Let’s continue to work together to turn the tide against hunger and malnutrition this festive season.

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