“We strongly believe that comprehensive sexual education and access to contraception are fundamental human rights" - Dr Phumelela Sambumbu

#Keready Youth Health Movement Celebrates World Contraceptive Day

The #Keready Youth Health Movement is proud to join the global celebration of World Contraceptive Day on 26 September.

This important day is an opportunity to raise awareness about safe and effective contraceptive methods while empowering youth to make informed decisions about their sexual health. 

Dr Dakalo Munenyiwa, a young doctor from the Keready team in Gauteng expresses, 

“We firmly believe that accurate information, quality reproductive healthcare, and the ability to make choices that support overall well-being are essential rights for young people.”

Young doctor from the Eastern Cape, Dr Phumelela Sambumbu adds, 

“We strongly believe that comprehensive sexual education and access to contraception are fundamental human rights. By promoting awareness and providing access to accurate information, we can empower youth to make responsible choices, prioritise their well-being, and shape healthier futures.” 

As part of an ongoing commitment to promoting sexual health education and empowerment, Keready organises a variety of activities and initiatives.

The doctors and nurses conduct educational workshops in schools and community centres, providing comprehensive information about the different contraceptive methods available, their usage, benefits and the importance of choosing a contraceptive that suits their lifestyle to make sure they are well protected.

Throughout World Contraceptive Day, Keready will actively engage with young people while amplifying the conversation on social media.

The health movement aims to foster a supportive online community that encourages dialogue, knowledge sharing, and destigmatisation.

#Keready invites youth, parents, healthcare providers, educators, and community members to join in celebrating World Contraceptive Day.

Another young doctor Dr Tevarus Naicker who is based in the Western Cape says,

Together, let’s champion the principle of choice, and ensure every individual has the resources to exercise their rights to reproductive health and freedom.”

#Keready consists of ten young doctors, along with a team of 96 nurses supported by teams of communicators, drivers and mobilisers who ensure that the young people in four provinces, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape, have access to the health services they need.

With their 46 mobile health clinics Keready takes health services to young people, providing free, accessible and confidential contraceptive services, while sharing information about available resources.

In addition to physical outreach, the team of young doctors actively utilise social media platforms (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and run a WhatsApp line, to share informative content, debunk common myths, and provide frank guidance on accessing contraceptive resources, all with the aim to reach young individuals far and wide.

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