“We are delighted to partner with NEFTI to celebrate African stories and storytelling" - Sbusiso Kumalo

African Bank Partners With Nefti

African Bank, committed to fostering growth and development across Africa, is thrilled to announce a valuable partnership with NEFTI (NEFT Vodka and IEFTA, the International Emerging Film Talent Association) to highlight and promote young African talent.

Currently running for its fourth year, the competition aims to provide aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their videography and filmmaking skills, while embracing their uniqueness and love for Africa.

“We are delighted to partner with NEFTI to celebrate African stories and storytelling. As a bank whose foundation is built on the legacy of serving its people, this partnership was natural, as our main purpose is to put African storytellers on the map by showcasing their creative works. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to honing the best of African talent and inspiring meaningful conversations in our communities,”

says Sbusiso Kumalo, Chief Marketing Officer at African Bank.

The Competition Process

The three finalists had 30 days to complete their film, between 9 June to 9 July. The task involved that each filmmaker weaved African Bank into the storyline without advertising or product placement, using the African Bank Credit Card. The three finalists are also required to send clips documenting their journey. The filmmakers have been mentored by NEFTI founder, Paul Robinson, who provided guidance throughout the filmmaking process – these interactions will be recorded and edited into the content.

Official Partners

In addition to African Bank, Durban FilmMart is also an official partner, along with IEFTA, which is a Monaco-based NGO that seeks to identify, develop and support talented filmmakers from under-resourced regions of the world, bringing new stories and perspectives to the global film industry.

The Selection Process and Winning Prize

The winner will be chosen in two stages. The first will involve the judges reviewing videos and selecting a winner. Then there will be an audience choice award, with an online voting platform that allows fans to participate, giving the filmmakers an additional chance to be chosen. Thereafter, the final three films will be exhibited at DFM (Durban FilmMart), which will take place from 21 to 24 July 2023 at Elangeni/Maharani Hotels on the Durban Beachfront in KwaZulu-Natal, where a winner will be crowned in front of a live audience. $5,000 will be awarded to the winner for their ingenuity, as well as a long-term collaboration to create short films, documentaries, and other video content for African Bank.

African Bank’s collaboration with NEFTI aligns with its core values of promoting socio-economic development and cultural diversity across Africa. By investing in the film industry, African Bank is contributing to job creation, skills development, and the preservation of African heritage. The partnership also serves as a testament to African Bank’s commitment to supporting innovation and creativity in various sectors, beyond traditional banking services.

NEFTI and African Bank are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring to African filmmakers and the broader film industry. “By working together, we aim to elevate African cinema to new heights, celebrate the continent’s diverse stories, and create a lasting impact on the global film landscape,” concludes Kumalo.

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