The designer has given the garments life and significance

Masonwabe Ntloko presents long-awaited unisex knitwear

Illustrator Masonwabe Ntloko presents long-awaited unisex knitwear, the unisex knitwear collection ‘Ameva Ayabangulana’ draws inspiration from shared childhood memories amongst Africans.

The collection focuses on the idea that despite different cultural identities and backgrounds, African childhoods are steeped in common experiences.

The collection features 100% cotton garments. These garments showcase images of African portraiture and embrace a design style that is true to the Masonwabe Ntloko brand.

The individual pieces offer a diverse range of styles, colours and textures, which when combined together form a strong unified look and feel.

The garments in the collection provide a visual representation of the common childhood experiences shared among African people by using African symbols, silhouettes and motifs.

The designer has given the garments life and significance.

This collection offers an authentic look into the shared experiences of African childhoods while celebrating the differences.

The use of bold colours and unique patterns gives the collection a unique vibe, making it stand out from other knitwear collections. With its combination of both traditional and modern elements, the collection seamlessly blurs the line between past and present.

Overall, Masonwabe Ntloko’s unisex collection ‘Ameva Ayabangulana’ is a unique and modern collection that pays homage to the shared experiences of African childhoods.

By embracing African culture and showcasing visual representations of shared experiences, the collection offers a powerful and meaningful insight into African childhoods.

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