“It’s only when I stayed true to who I am, was I then able to Walk my journey and this is the truest expression of the spirit of Khalanga" - Theo Baloyi

Bathu launches a new sneaker range Khalanga

Bathu, the local industry leader in innovative footwear, is proud to unveil its highly anticipated ultra-neoteric sneaker range, Khalanga.

This stunning range is not just about fashion but a bona fide collaboration between Bathu and Theo Baloyi’s tribute to the people. This collaboration is rooted on the celebration of who you are, your truest self and your roots.

The Khalanga range marks a significant milestone in Theo’s commitment to diversity, and empowerment. With meticulous attention to detail, the sneaker blends style, craftsmanship, and the vibrant design in their six different colourways.

This sneaker promises to recognise and honour champions and industry professionals who have made ground breaking efforts to expand excellence across the world. 

Each shoe in the Khalanga range is a work of art that personifies authenticity and is inspired by the fortitude and inventiveness of the authentic spirit we all possess.

To guarantee that the sneakers connect with significant black artists, musicians, and cultural icons who have lived their truth, Theo Baloyi and the design team worked with key cultural figures and fashion thought leaders.

“It’s only when I stayed true to who I am, was I then able to Walk my journey and this is the truest expression of the spirit of Khalanga. This offering is not only a celebration of my life, but also of everyone who has helped me walk this journey and enabled me to elevate excellence during our time. The Khalanga range displays an array of captivating designs and six colourways that pay homage to various aspects of my life, from patterns inspired by traditional African opulent textiles to bold, vibrant hues symbolizing the energy and vibrancy of my people, every element tells a story of resilience, pride.”

Says Theo Baloyi, CEO and founder of Bathu. 

Cedrick Diphoko, Managing Director, Bathu had this to say:

“We are excited to bring about this offering, a premium sneaker brand that African’s can proud affiliate with.  Khalanga speaks to the journey and our vision to bring about a quality product that is durable, and at an affordable price range.”

The Khalanga range is not only a fashion statement, but is also a catalyst for the South African sneaker culture evolution. 

“In launching this new sneaker range, we aim to break barriers, challenge stereotypes about who we are, and inspire a new generation of kids to embrace their uniqueness. We want African children and adults alike to feel a sense of pride and belonging, knowing that they are celebrated and respected through this new range.”

concludes Baloyi. 

Khalanga range will be available at Bathu retailers nationwide and through their online store starting [30 June 2023].


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