"This is the third store opening and counting" - Theo Baloyi

WATCH Theo Baloyi on launching Avenue Exchange store in Sandton

On 25 May 2023 we attended the Avenue Exchange store launch in Sandton, South Africa and we had a chat with the Founder, Theo Baloyi.

He sold perfumes door-to-door in Alexandra township while studying towards his undergraduate accounting degree. That’s when the entrepreneurial bug bit him.

This side business taught him the dynamics and basics of entrepreneurship, and more importantly – fueled his ambition. Theo targeted different audiences from 1st Avenue to 22nd Avenue in Alexandra, and even traveled as far as Far East Bank and Tsutsumani to sell his perfumes.

Theo sold hundreds of perfumes on a monthly basis, but each sale was more than a transaction to him. Each sale was an exchange.

An exchange of ambition. An exchange of vision. An exchange of energy and an exchange of spirit.

These exchanges helped Theo define his presence, his journey and his purpose.

Bathu founder Theo wanted to share this experience with the world by building an iconic, premium cosmetic boutique based on the exchanges he experienced on the avenues of Alexandra. And so, Avenue Exchange was born.

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