“I am extremely overwhelmed by being the part of the Young Global Leader Class of 2023" - Vukosi Marivate

Vukosi Marivate of Lelapa AI is a thought leader in science

Vukosi Marivate, CTO of Lelapa AI is highly decorated and an acclaimed thought leader in science – he now adds another accolade as the member of the Young Global Leader Class of 2023 in the World Economic Forum as the Academia/Think Tank category for 2023.

Marivate is also the ABSA Chair of Data Science at the University of Pretoria.

Vukosi co-founded both the Deep Learning Indaba and Masakhane. He holds a PhD from Rutgers and attended Harvard Business School’s Program for Leadership Development. Marivate was named to the 200 Young South Africans list for his work on the COVID-19 ZA Dashboard in 2020.

“I am extremely overwhelmed by being the part of the Young Global Leader Class of 2023, this is a major achievement in my artificial intelligence field, this is a honor and thank you World Economic Forum for sharing a light in our careers and we will keep on being committed to addressing the global issues and paving a way to a better future,”

said Marivate  

World Economic Forum is a global non-governmental organization and lobbying group headquartered in Cologny, Geneva’s canton, Switzerland.

The World Economic Forum has announced the induction of the newest members of its Young Global Leaders Class of 2023.

This year’s cohort includes nearly 100 promising political leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, game-changing researchers and visionary activists who are accelerating positive and lasting change in their communities, countries and the world.

The World Economic Forum is honored to welcome the latest group of Young Global Leaders, whose exceptional achievements and commitment to improving the world come at a time when cooperation, partnerships and responsible leadership are more critical than ever. 

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