“After 15 years of delivering inexpensive, quality devices to South Africans, the VX20 is our next launch point into bringing the form and functionality of top-tier global devices" - Ridhwan Khan

Sbahle Mpisane chats content creation & Mobicel VX20 smartphone

South African mobile technology manufacturer Mobicel recently hosted a star-studded group of local content creators such as Sbahle Mpisane, influencers, and celebrities to commemorate the launch of its pioneering VX20 smartphone at Insta Nation in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

The device garnered praise from all attending the event held on the 2nd of March 2023, each attesting to its power and functionality.

The camera was the stand-out feature for the group.

The Mobicel VX20 LTE

The VX20 LTE smartphone combines innovative technology with a sleek, modern design. The device is the first to boast Mobicel’s all-new 48-megapixel AI camera which intelligently optimizes objects or scenery, allowing for spectacular picture and video quality. Once created, this content can be uploaded seamlessly to social media platforms through the device’s LTE capability, bringing high-speed data to the user’s fingertips.

To optimize functionality, Mobicel has significantly upgraded the battery, internal memory, and processing power with the VX20. The device offers users 64-gigabytes of storage, a long-lasting 4500mAh battery, dual-SIM, and a powerful, lightening-speed processor which augments its overall performance.

Mobicel has also placed emphasis on design and appearance, wrapping a vibrant, glass-like casing to the
back of the VX20’s 6.52-inch screen. The polychromatic casing blends light and color into a posh, vivid hue, bringing elements of sophistication to the outward aesthetic.

The XV20 LTE is offered at a launch price of only R2299.

On this interview, Sbahle Mpisane opens up about being a brand ambassador for the Mobicel VX20 smartphone:

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