“We want Africans to know what is within their borders and for stakeholders coming to do business in Africa to understand the business and supply chain terrain” - Adebayo Adeleke

INTERVIEW with author and business leader Adebayo Adeleke

Supply chain infrastructure is crucial to the growth of trade and the African economy. Entrepreneurs who do not understand it will struggle to thrive.

This is why Adebayo Adeleke, a seasoned supply chain professional who merges his risk management, security, and geopolitical backgrounds to advance sustainable trade, is telling the African supply chain story and empowering business owners and policy leaders to make decisions that will impact the African economy.

In his words,

“We want Africans to know what is within their borders and for stakeholders coming to do business in Africa to understand the business and supply chain terrain”

As a dynamic professional with immigrant roots, he understands the global impact of technology and digital innovation and leverages his time to support policies that amplify access to such advancements globally.

He raises awareness and impact on global supply chain issues through his involvement in Adebayo Adeleke LLC, Supply Chain Africa – a digital platform advancing African supply chains and enabling life and business on the African continent and his non-profit Rising Leadership Foundation.

With more than 20 years of military experience, Adeleke has been able to implement leadership strategies for several organizations, connecting and creating belief in people with a mix of operational and tactical skills, making him an ideal partner for strategic planning.

Adebayo is revolutionizing supply chain, leadership, risk management, and security in Africa with a cocktail of value-added expertise ranging from consultancy, speaking opportunities, and training.

He is putting them side by side with new-generation methods and rendering effective solutions to develop a more distinct approach to doing business.

Adebayo Adeleke LLC and Supply Chain Africa have clients ranging from supply chain professionals and business owners on and outside the continent doing business in Africa.

“Our clients also include governmental organizations looking to craft policies that enhance procurement, supply chain, and logistics infrastructure. We are the first and only one-stop shop for the African supply chain. We are sharing knowledge and mentoring supply chain professionals in diverse communities”.

Supply Chain Africa also works with African leaders to formulate sustainable and climate-friendly policies.

In his words,

“We won’t just talk about climate change; we are partnering with leaders to make a difference”.

Supply Chain Africa speaks to different markets which include businesses, government organizations, NGOs, and supply chain professionals on the continent and off the continent.

“It is essential to work with us because if you leap into business or supply chain in Africa without having proper knowledge, you will make expensive mistakes. As experts, we guide and provide the necessary connections and contacts”.

In his recent interview with Business Insider Africa, Adebayo highlighted the importance of telling Africa’s supply chain stories highlighting the successes, failures, opportunities, uniqueness, and polarities of the environment.

“Our stories have been marginalized over time, and telling the right story is what Supply Chain Africa stands for”.

As a renowned and experienced public speaker, skilled in mediation interventions, complex conflict resolution situations, boardrooms, training rooms, tertiary classrooms, conferences, and more, Adebayo is open to speaking at world-class events and organizations around the world.

He is also currently the founder and host of the infamous podcast, Unfettered, where he shares and celebrates unfiltered narration of people’s failures, losses, successes, and triumphs.

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