“I recognise that my life’s journey represents the hope and potential that lies within so many of our youth in dire communities" - Kim-Lee Wentzel-Ricketts

Chat with Industrial Psychologist and Artist Manager Kim-Lee Wentzel-Ricketts

Kim-Lee Wentzel-Ricketts, who is a Lead and Specialist within Diversity and Inclusion, amongst her many portfolios as an Industrial Psychologist, feels honoured and humbled that her work is recognised by Cape Town Pride and OutReach Africa at the South African Diversity and Inclusivity Awards 2022.

She feels that as an ally, it is very important to be part of pioneering this movement and presence within the corporate sector …creating opportunities for true integration as she feels corporates need to have more representation for LGBTQIA+, to further establish a culture across Africa that embraces diversity by cultivating inclusive spaces within the workplace for the LGBTQIA+ community to have a seat at the table, and a voice that is amplified and heard.

“This is truly such a momentous achievement in my career, to truly see the hard work and passion you put into your work flourish in this way …I recognise that I am but a cobblestone on the pathway that so many unsung heroes have been constructing for many years …and now I have the privilege of further building this pathway that will usher in so much positive change,”

she says.

She is currently completing her PHD in Parenting at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where she hopes to use her knowledge and platform to create a positive impact in the minds, hearts and lives of youth and families in South Africa.

Growing up on the Cape Flats, Kim was exposed to many social ills such as substance abuse, gangsterism and poverty where she witnessed the youth in her community fall prey to these elements.

It was her will and perseverance that propelled her desire to not become a statistic, but to instead, rise above and become a strong, educated and talented woman of colour who challenges and changes narratives.

“I recognise that my life’s journey represents the hope and potential that lies within so many of our youth in dire communities, where we are not defined by the environment or circumstance we find ourselves in, but by having vision and direction for our lives so we may break cycles, achieve our goals, and further set the foundation for the next generation.”

Kim-Lee’s passion for people development saw her register her non-profit organization called KHANYISA WORX (Khanyisa meaning “light” in Xhosa) with a focus on developing and upskilling youth and women through various workshops and mentorship programmes she developed to cultivate a community of forward-thinkers who are empowered, responsible and ethical.

Through her organization, she hopes to further identify and aid the growing need for skills development to better equip individuals to set and achieve their goals.

Kim-Lee also lends her knowledge and skill-set to the music and fashion industry, as brand manager for JBR Productions where she works with South African Music Award Nominee singer/performer/designer (and now husband) Jarrad Ricketts, and clothing brand TESTIMONY.

She has also launched her own fashion range called: “The Ricketts’ by Kim” and supports other female-owned businesses with design and manufacturing of her brand.

Kim-Lee was called upon by Cape Town International Jazz Festival in 2020 as keynote speaker, addressing aspiring musicians from various tertiary institutions where she gave insight into effective artist branding, marketing and management.

She currently speaks to youth, scholars and corporates across the Western Cape by collaborating with organizations such as the Kay Mason Foundation, Liquorice Digital Marketing Agency, TEFFCOE and many more.

Social Media details:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kim-lee-wentzel-ricketts-79201299/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimlee_ricketts/

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