The iconic Linda Mtoba will be sharing her tips on ‘branding yourself for success’

Bernini presents the Glow Up Bootcamp

Bernini – the popular brand is now introducing a sophisticated 500ml Can and inviting their Glow Getters to be part of the Glow Up through a mini masterclass hosted by Bernini Ambassador, Linda Mtoba, alongside a likeminded and multi-faceted group of South African influencers.

Each influencer will provide tips on a range of topics relevant to modern progressive women.

The iconic Linda Mtoba will be sharing her tips on ‘branding yourself for success’; financial goddess, Phumelele Zwane, will be talking about ‘making your finances glow’; wellness coach and entrepreneur Phemelo Segoe on ‘bringing your best self to an interview’; actress and philanthropist, Thabisile Zikhali, on ‘finding balance and glowing in life’ and TV presenter and businesswoman, Roxy Burger, on ‘starting your own business’.

“We truly believe in the real unbound potential of women and our Glow Up Bootcamp gives women the chance to tap into this potential through practical tips from other Glow Getters who are taking their potential to the world”

says Bernini’s Marketing Manager, Paigon Prince.

In addition to the Glow Up Bootcamp, consumers can head in store and buy any 6-pack of Bernini for a chance to win their share of R250 000 to step up their own careers. There are five weekly R50 000 cash prizes up for grabs.

Bernini is a proud advocate of South African women and is on a mission to help them realise their sparkling potential.

The Glow Up Bootcamps are the latest part of Bernini’s ‘We Are Women’ campaign centered around empowering women. This includes the Bernini Squadcast – a platform for open, honest conversations with confident, independent, and empowered SA women.

Bernini also supports One Voice SA Training Programme, to empower SA Women with Entrepreneurship and Workplace Preparedness Skills, enabling financial freedom and upliftment.

The Glow Up Bootcamp will be launched at a sparkling Women’s Month event on 11 August where Glow Getters and influencers can be part of the ‘The Glow Up’– a chance to glow up, show up, step up, and mingle with some of the Bootcamp experts and other powerful women.

Viewers are encouraged to watch and engage with the with the Glow Up Bootcamp on Bernini’s Facebook page on Instagram, and on Twitter

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