"Can you Trust us to deliver a product you haven’t seen" - Lekau Sehoana

Drip is considering a crazy sneaker marketing concept

Top South African company, Drip Group and home to successful footwear Drip, is considering a never heard before marketing concept whereby customers will be given an opportunity to purchase a pair of sneakers without seeing or touching them up until they are delivered to their doorstep.

Okay, we’re Releasing a Sneaker that only 4 People in the Team have seen. And we will be Selling the Sneaker without anyone seeing it. Can you be able to Buy the Sneaker, and only see it when it get’s delivered to you?…

Can you Trust us to deliver a product you haven’t seen?

The Drip Group CEO, Lekau Sehoana wrote on social media.

Drip is a Youthful Athleisure Brand that produces well-designed products and well known for their attractive and Colourful Sneakers. Theirs is a Story of determination against the odds. Drip was founded in 2019 by Lekau Sehoana from Ivory Park, Tembisa. Currently they operate 12 Stores across South Africa.

Would you buy a pair of Drip sneakers that you have never seen before? For more on the brand check them out on www.drip.co.za.

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