Dr. Nokuthula Mazibuko Msimang is a Writing and Research Artist Fellow at the University of Pretoria

New children’s book in all official languages launches on 16 June

Guess who’s coming to Princess and Baba’s Soweto Tea Party ! Tat’ Nelson Mandela? Mama Lilian Ngoyi and Mama Nadine Gordimer? Who else is coming? Miriam Makeba?

To find out, delight in reading University of Pretoria Fellow Nokuthula Mazibuko Msimang’s new historical picture book for children Soweto Tea Party.

The book is based on the author’s own experiences about a time when her father Fanyana Mazibuko, then a teacher at Morris Isaacson High and a freedom fighter, was placed under house arrest by the apartheid state during the 1970s and 1980s.

Her parents kept the family’s children mentally resilient by relating stories about struggle heroes and playing African music.

This slice of Soweto history is brought to life by Samantha Van Riet’s moving and magical illustrations. The book is published by New Africa Books, and will be launched on June 16th 2022 at Book Circle Capital – 27 Boxes Mall in Melville 4th Avenue 2pm to 3pm. Copies are available at Book Circle Capital and at www.ethnikids.africa

About the Author:

Dr. Nokuthula Mazibuko Msimang is a Writing and Research Artist Fellow at the University of Pretoria’s Future Africa Institute. Over 25 years Mazibuko Msimang has worked as a writer, academic, producer, and broadcaster creating values based content for young and old audiences/readers on multiple platforms. She is part of the Puku Children’s Literature network where she consults on Special Projects. Her academic work also entails supervising Masters students at AFDA – The School for the Creative Economy.

Mazibuko Msimang has published six books for young readers: In the Fast Lane (2003, New Africa Books, translated into isiXhosa by Dr. Xolisa Guzula); A Mozambican Summer (2005, New Africa Books); Spring Offensive (2006, Timbila); Love Songs for Nheti (2006, Vivlia), Freedom Song (2008, Pearson) and Qhawe! Mokgadi Caster Semenya (2021, New Africa Books) celebrating the life of the champion gold medalist. Her debut adult novel is titled The Daughters of Nandi (2021, Paivapo)

Her books for young readers celebrate positive cultural and social values; and encourage self-love, confidence, courage and resilience. In 2003, she was awarded the Bessie Head writing fellowship, which enabled her to complete and publish the collective biography, Spring Offensive.

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