"All I ever wanted is to create a vibey environment where communities come together" - Sheldon Tatchell

Legends Barbershop launch first flagship store in Menlyn

“Black Excellence”. A phrase developed over the years and used to describe inherent potential and achievements – this is what Legends Barber stands for. They live this and use the phrase as a verb for the consistent hard work put in towards celebrating the pioneers of Mzansi culture and the “new school” trailblazers of the Kotini movement.

From humble beginnings with just a clipper and a chair on a stoep in Eldorado Park, the name
“Legends Barber” was born in honor of the elders in this community and beyond.

“All I ever wanted is to create a vibey environment where communities come together, share stories and leave empowered”

– Sheldon Tatchell.

The Legends Franchise has built over 65 stores in Southern Africa, with our footprint spanning in Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and Zambia, and are very excited to expand Legendary haircuts further into Africa.

“So, when people hear about the brand I think I would really want people just to have a sense of belonging to the brand and I think that’s what we are striving for, we all want people to be a part of the brand because we believe that without them we are not Legends, we are not the brand. Without the customers it’s just a business and a business without customers is a failed business. So, I think a sense of belonging to a culture, to a community and to Legends Barbershop, that’s how I want people to feel”

says Sheldon.

Wena “Pantsula”, wena “Bujwa”, wena Skrr Skrr, wena “Grootman”; Legends is here to help their customers express their true being with the finest haircuts in the continent!

“So, we’re looking forward to 12 flagship stores, of which Menlyn, will be relaunching this month. Menlyn is seen as fit because it’s one of the main regional malls as well as largest in South Africa. This space is big enough to offer the type of service we are going to provide.”

he adds.

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