"Art has a meaning, it has a purpose, it has an objective" Theo Baloyi

WATCH Theo Baloyi on principles of art and education

We caught up with Theo Baloyi at a fund raising event hosted by Tastic at the Hallmark hotel in Johannesburg. Tertiary education fees have significantly increased over the past couple of years.

Coupled with the Covid pandemic which has accelerated the challenges and pressure on many household income thus affecting the young scholars that wish to advance their education at tertiary level due to lack of funds.

A challenge that has been closely monitored by Tastic so the brand partnered with The Mukheli Twins (Justice & Fhatuwani) and Sthu Manaka through their My Loves Art Movement. Tastic in collaboration with the My Loves Art movement curated a 16 pieces art collection inspired by untold South African stories of true generosity and the spirit of Ubuntu.

This collection was auctioned on the 31st March 2021 at the auspicious affair attended by esteemed art collectors such as Theo who share the same principles of art and education.

This is what Theo had to say about the important initiative, watch:

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