“When I started my business, I had no financial support and had to save money to start my business" - Hlengiwe Ntombela

TRESemmé Community Story Where There Is Hair, There’s Hope

Launched in May 2019, the TRESemmé Salon Programme has championed stylists by providing them with valuable business and practical skills that have made an enormous change in their lives.

The programme has helped over 1200 stylists during a turbulent year, helping them adapt their businesses to unprecedented circumstances.

Since the pandemic, small businesses have faced the challenge of dwindling customers, lack of funds and social distancing regulations. In the face of this adversity, TRESemmé has continued to uplift small medium enterprises with the TRESemmé Salon Programme.

To date, TRESemmé has invested R8 million to ensure that over 240 salons nationwide have been able to receive infrastructure, hair care products, branding, advertising materials, personal protective equipment and sanitization.

“When I started my business, I had no financial support and had to save money to start my business. The TRESemmé Salon Programme was instrumental at the beginning by offering my salon with great quality products, which is one of the biggest expenses along with the rent. Since then, I have been able to have a bit of disposable income to help run my charitable scheme which feeds homeless people around my area. I have also been able to train more stylists and grow my team.”

says Hlengiwe Ntombela, stylist and owner of Nacay Beauty Salon.

The TRESemmé Salon Programme’s mission is to improve and transform the hair industry while changing the narrative of entrepreneurship.

The Salon Programme will continue providing valuable education on how TRESemmé’s products can address different hair needs and care for all hair types especially afro-textured and curly hair.

This programme has encouraged clients to ask questions about TRESemmé products and trial the brand, increasing clients for these businesses even during the pandemic.

TRESemmé aims to continue creating a ripple effect of ongoing growth for the hair industry by further investing R5 million annually towards the TRESemmé Salon Programme.

TRESemmé is committed to continue with these efforts while also prioritising black and coloured hair salons to help drive further positive change.

More details about application to the TRESemmé Salon Programme will be announced soon.

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