"The fundamental thing in everything that you do is that you need to have faith" - Judy Ranoto

Business woman Judy Ranoto on being a wife, mother and pastor

Judy Ranoto is a reality TV star that is also known for being a wife, a mother, pastor and a business woman. She wears many hats in pursuit of her life purpose fulfilling what the Lord has brought her on this earth to do as she would put it in her own words.

Judy worked for one of the major banks in South Africa before she left to pursue aspirations in business. She started off in the pharmaceutical industry where she operated a pharmacy in Joburg and she later expanded into the petroleum industry where she started a wholesale Petroleum C company.

She then started a graphics design company which was a success. She later co-founded a church with her husband Mabusha Ranoto and went to complete her studies in Theology.


  • Cecilia
    3 months ago Reply

    I know her as prophetess Ranoto very dedicated and committed in terms of spiritual life. I learned a lot from her and encouraged us not to be guided by what we see with our physical eyes as they are temporarily instead we should be guided by what we see spiritual eyes as they are eternal.

  • Fayzal
    3 months ago Reply

    I love what I see, this is powerfully may God continue blessing you, wish u all the best. I love it 🌹🌹🌹

  • Masego
    3 months ago Reply

    Wow Pastor Judy, God is good, the story is so interesting, and motivating, God bless you 🙏

  • Ouma
    3 months ago Reply

    True inspiration

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