Creativity has become the top priority for nearly two-thirds of US and UK marketers

OpEd by Nick Durrant – Brands must respond faster to changes

Brands need to be more creative and must respond faster to changes. This is according to a study conducted by Opinium and commissioned by Shaped By that shows that Covid-19 has brought a renewed focus on creativity and bravery amongst senior tech marketers in the US and UK.

The research states that design and creativity has become the top priority for nearly two-thirds of US and UK marketers. More than 60% of the 200 respondents identified design and creativity as a key priority for their marketing efforts, and 75% say that the pandemic has already enabled them to become more imaginative in their work.

This inspiration has translated to a greater willingness to try something new – a phenomenal 98% said they have begun experimenting with and expanding the capability of their marketing channel activities.

As a result, nearly 60% of senior tech marketers have seen an increase in customer engagement with fresh content and messaging, while 55% saw an uptick in the ability to acquire new leads.

There’s been a dramatic shift in the way modern businesses interact and engage with customers. Digital technologies have levelled the marketing playing field. Digital customer experience management is the key differentiator shaping the market.

Technologies like Optimizely can help companies get new messages and products to market with speed and it also enables brands to adapt to rapidly changing customer demands. It gives autonomy to marketing where they can make direct changes to the live website, reducing campaign cycles from months to minutes.

Campaign Management

In today’s omnichannel marketing landscape, campaign management is indispensable for marketers when reaching out to customers and prospects through different channels and with different content. With respect to campaign management, Digital Agility starts with very basic messaging, then moves to marketing automation campaigns.

It ends with campaigns that automatically address the right person with the right message at the right time – using AI- based technology and predictive means for the entire customer lifecycle.


Optimizely offers improved quality control, allowing marketing leaders to easily configure roles, permissions and publishing approval workflows to ensure only the best experiences are delivered to customers. They can now organise group product content and promotional changes into one project, preview before publishing, and schedule to go-live all with the click of a button.​

More importantly, they can publish live landing pages, target promotions, and launch new products all from the same simple interface, with full control over every aspect of the user experience, and without the need for IT support.​


These solutions ensure content creation is simplified using streamlined interfaces for each scenario. Full page layouts as well as simple blocks of text can be presented for editing. It also allows for more on-brand content to be created as content creators get options that are consistent with a brand image, style and message.

Ultimately it provides more power and creativity for marketers. Various drag-and-drop methods and the ability to preview content in different environments make content creation accessible to marketers, and anyone who prefers working with visual assets.

Customer Experience

More than 65% of customers make buying decisions based on the customer experience (CX). Failing them once could mean losing the customer and not having another opportunity to win them back.

Customer experience management (CXM) is the continuous process of optimising every interaction between a brand and the customer. It largely depends on utilising the latest marketing strategies and digital technologies to create personalised experiences.

Using the right technologies

To bring everything together and deploy changes quickly, marketers must choose the best technologies to support the process. The solution must provide intelligent analytics, customer data, experimentation features and streamlined content delivery. This is the best way for marketers to realise their strategy and continue to optimise customer expectations.

The choice of technology should enable marketers to work collaboratively while engaging with customers and extracting valuable insights simultaneously. For them to maximise their investment in CXM , they need to choose a platform that provides them with all the tools they need to unlock your digital potential and increase customer loyalty.

Reinvent how marketers work

Marketing workflows for delivering relevant content and personalised customers experiences has become more complicated. Most marketers spend most of their time attending to stakeholder feedback and trying to navigate through fragmented marketing tools and other bulky workflow processes.

With the drastic increase of digital channels, marketers require a more efficient way to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their digital customers. It’s challenging for marketers to keep up on the status of campaigns, how to best iterate and collaborate on content, and how to track performance. Speed and creativity has never been more important for marketers and so they need to explore new ways to promote products and services. Creativity will ensure their marketing efforts stand out from their competitors and might capture the attention of their ideal customer. This, in turn, will help the business increase sales and profits.

by Bluegrass Digital CEO Nick Durrant.

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