"Very few people actually end up starting a business, and very few end up making it a success" - Jacques Du Bruyn

WATCH Flume MD Jacques Du Bruyn shares digital marketing insights

Since setting up shop in 2013, Flume has made it its mission to make people aware of its clients’ brands, build their reputations, and bring business to their business. A full-service marketing and PR agency, the agency has grown to include more than 70 passionate employees in two cities, working on some of South Africa’s largest brand names as well as exciting up-and-coming start-ups.

We had a chat with the Flume CEO and founder Jacques Du Bruyn as he shares some insights on the importance of improving digital customer experience through digital transformation and why digital marketing is important for a business. He also touched on the relevance of Ad Agencies in 2022 as well as using social media an important tool.

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