“We hope that a further reading of the published ITA will reflect that the ITA has been designed to substantively deliver much needed competition in the sector and lower prices for consumers,” - Dr. Siyabonga Mahlangu

Telkom Statement on the Release of the Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Telkom notes the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) statement on the publication of the Invitation to Apply (ITA) in respect of the licensing process for the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) spectrum.

While Telkom is studying the ITA it is concerned by the separation of the publications of the ITAs and the reasons given by ICASA to separate the licensing process of the Wireless Open Access Network (WOAN).

According to Telkom’s Group Executive: Regulatory Affairs & Government Relations, Dr. Siyabonga Mahlangu, licensing of the WOAN is intertwined with, and has a bearing on, the current licensing process.

In the current economic climate, the licensing is an opportunity to drive economic activity.

“The expected yield of R8 Billion from the licensing process should be an enabler for further economic growth,”

says Dr. Siyabonga Mahlangu .

“ICASA has a duty to use the consultation process to design ITAs that promote competition, attract foreign direct investment and set South Africa up to participate effectively in the digital economy,”

he adds.

Although Telkom is confident of its ability to meet the timelines,

“the timing of the publications of the ITA, though consistent with ICASA’s previous action, is unfortunate and places pressure on a very important process,”

Mahlangu concludes.

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