In lifestyle products, you must have balance but I always let comfort to take centre stage

Drip Footwear founder Lekau Sehoana never gave up on his dreams

The story of Drip Footwear dates back to 2003, were founder Lekau Sehoana had to make the most out of what he had, which sparked innovation and creativity. Growing up in an informal settlement of Ivory Park, Lekau Sehoana, didn’t have any shoes to wear.

He then saw an old torn sneaker and redesigned it using Denim and Polyurethane. This sneaker became a local hit and led him to making an entry into the shoe making business and exchanging pain for profit , for the next 5 Years of his High School life. A few years later, Drip was born and the rest is history.

The concept behind the name and branding of this footwear brand comes from the modern day usage of words. Drip in a literal sense means drops of liquid. However, in urban street culture it means looking nice, having high fashion sense, Ukotini, style or being highly fashionable. It is against the backdrop of urban street language that the Drip brand has positioned itself.

South Africans walk a lot, work a lot and spend most of their times on their Feet. Solution? Develop a Product that is going to be comfortable for their everyday usage. That’s working Backwards. Then you work on the aesthetics.

Lekau Sehoana

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